A.   Except as provided in subsection C herein, a peace officer of the Village or the Village Building and Zoning Administrator, upon observing any violation of this Chapter, shall issue a notice directed to the owner(s) of record of the property or to the occupant(s) of the property, or to both, which notice shall describe the violation and shall establish a reasonable time limit for the abatement thereof by such owner or occupant, which time shall not be less than two (2) days nor more than ten (10) days after service of such notice.
   The notice to abate shall contain:
      1.   A description of what constitutes the nuisance;
      2.   Reasonable identification of the property where the nuisance exists;
      3.   A statement of what must be achieved in order for the nuisance to be deemed abated;
      4.   The date by which abatement must be completed; and
      5.   A statement indicating that if the nuisance is not abated by the date prescribed, the Village will abate the nuisance and assess the costs against the property and/or impose a fine.
   B.   Any peace officer of the Village or the Village Building and Zoning Administrator shall serve the notices provided in this Section upon the owner(s) or occupant(s) of the property where the nuisance exists, or upon both of them. The notices may be served either by United States mail, with postage prepaid, addressed to the person at his last known address or by service in compliance with the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure and the rules of the Illinois Supreme Court. The person serving such notices shall make a return showing the details of such service. The service date of the notices shall be:
      1.   Date of mailing;
      2.   Date of personal or abode service;
      3.   Date of receipt of certified or registered mail; or
      4.   Date of publication of the notice.
   C.   Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Village shall not be required to send more than one (1) notice to abate per violation, per calendar year, to any owner(s) or occupant(s) of the property, or to both, on which such nuisance occurs. Any notice sent by the Village pursuant to this Chapter shall constitute valid notice to the recipient for the remainder of the calendar year to abate any and all of the aforementioned nuisances at the property. (Ord. 1068, 8-17-2020)