No paper, lawn cuttings, or rakings, leaves, weeds, ashes, or any other refuse material whatsoever shall be thrown or swept into any street, gutter, intake, alley, vacant lot, park, greenbelt, or other property whether public or private. It shall be the duty of every tenant, lessee, owner, or occupant of any property at all times to maintain the premises in a clear and orderly condition, permitting no deposit or accumulation of materials other than those ordinarily attendant upon the day to day use for which the premises are legally intended. It shall be unlawful to buy any animal or vegetable wastes anywhere in the village, and it shall be unlawful to deposit, throw, or leave refuse on the premises of any other person.
(Prior Code, § 91.03) (Ord. 12, passed 3-18-1968) Penalty, see § 91.99