Ord. No.   Date   Description
194   6-11-46   Ohio Fuel Gas Company to install gas line in Dixie Highway from Bergen Street to Plexi-Glass Plant of Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company.
275   4-11-48   Chester Mierzejewski to construct and maintain grocery market entrance steps for two years.
370   9-11-51   Agreement between the City, B. & O. Railroad and Real Estate and Improvement Co. of Baltimore City for sanitary sewer pipe.
452   10-12-55   Authorizes Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company to lay gas pipe over Archery Range.
712   6-8-70   South Central Sanitary Sewer District improvements.
Res. 309   10-12-70   Intent of appropriation for South Central Sanitary Sewer District in River Tract 76.
737   10-26-70   Authorizes appropriation for South Central Sanitary Sewer District in River Tract 76.
992   11-11-74   Releases easement as described in Exhibit A.
1330   10-8-79   From Brenskelle over 106 square feet being part of Colony Court in Shaw’s Subdivision.
1954   9-25-89   To Aluminum Bricklayers and Glassworkers Union No. 9 on pond property on Lime City Road.
95-005   1-23-95   To City of Toledo for water line purposes on parcels being transferred to Rossford First Baptist Church.
01-12   3-26-01   Appropriating easements over property owned by the Willis Day Warehousing, Inc. for highway purposes.
01-13   3-26-01   Appropriating an easement over property owned by the True North Energy, LLC for highway purposes.
01-14   3-26-01   Appropriating an easement over property owned by the Toledo Trust Company, Trustee and the First National Bank of Toledo, Trustee for highway purposes.
01-15   3-26-01   Appropriating an easement over property owned by the Wend- Toledo Realty, LLC for highway purposes.
2001-62   9-10-01   Approving agreement with the City of Perrysburg to grant a permanent and temporary easement for sanitary sewer purposes.
2006-08   2-13-06   Accepts nonexclusive utility easements executed by Meijer and Ramco-Gershenson.
2006-09   2-13-06   Accepts utility easements from Meijer Stores Limited Partnership.
2009-12   3-9-09   Authorizes release of temporary construction easement; requested by Veluscek & Heban, property owners.
2012-44   7-23-12   Authorizes a permanent utility easement to the Northwestern Water and Sewer District.
2019-54   9-23-19   Authorizes a temporary easement for a portion of city owned property for the WOO-65-23.04 Lime City/Colony Intersection Improvement Project, PID 90674.