(A)   Whenever any motor vehicle is found to be parked in violation of this traffic code with respect to rules prohibiting parking a vehicle in a designated area, or restricting the length of time a vehicle may be there parked, police officers of the village shall conspicuously attach to such vehicle a notice on a form provided by the village, which notice shall contain the registration number of the vehicle, and shall instruct the owner or operator that the vehicle has been parked in violation of a provision of this traffic code, and shall advise the owner or operator of the penalty provided therefor and the method of paying the penalty within five days from the time of the issuance of the notice.
   (B)   Effective for parking violation notices issued on or after October 1, 2014 for violations of any applicable provision of the Village Code regulating or prohibiting parking in designated areas or for designated periods of time, the fine for such violations shall be $30 except where otherwise specifically provided for in the Village Code, and except for violations of Chapter 80, Schedule II, and except for any other violations of Village Code provisions regulating or prohibiting parking in designated areas or for designated periods of time where such violations occur on public roads or streets of the village after a snowfall within any 24 hour period causes an accumulation of snow on any public street or roads of the village to a depth of two inches or more, and prior to such time as snow removal operations are completed, for which the applicable fine shall be $50.
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