Overtaking and Passing
   72.01   Driving on right side of roadway; exceptions
   72.02   Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions
   72.03   Overtaking a vehicle on the left
   72.04   Limitations on overtaking a vehicle on the left
   72.05   Further limitations on driving to the left of center
   72.06   Overtaking a vehicle on the right; when permitted
   72.07   Following too closely
   72.08   No-passing zones
   72.09   One-way roadways and rotary traffic islands
   72.10   Driving on roadways laned for traffic
Turning and Starting; Signals
   72.15   Required position and method of turning
   72.16   Limitations on U-turns
   72.17   Starting parked vehicle
   72.18   Signal; when required
   72.19   Signal by hand and arm or signal device
   72.20   Method of giving hand and arm signals
   72.24   Authority to install traffic control devices
   72.25   Vehicles approaching or entering intersection
   72.26   Vehicle turning left
   72.27   Vehicles entering stop crosswalk
   72.28   Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection
   72.29   Merging traffic
   72.30   Vehicle entering highway from private road or driveway
   72.31   Operation of vehicles on approach of emergency vehicles
   72.32   Funeral processions; right-of-way
Special Stops Required
   72.35   Obedience to signal indicating approach of train or railroad track equipment
   72.36   Certain vehicles to stop at all railroad grade crossings
   72.37   Stop and yield signs
   72.38   Emerging from alley, building, private road, or driveway
   72.39   Stop when traffic obstructed
   72.40   Stop on meeting stopped school bus
Special Vehicles
   72.45   Passengers boarding or exiting school bus
   72.46   Operation of religious organization bus
   72.47   Operation of farm tractor
   72.48   Operation of ambulances
Prohibited Acts
   72.55   Limitations on backing
   72.56   Obstruction of driver's view or driving mechanism
   72.57   Opening vehicle doors
   72.58   Riding in towed vehicles
   72.59   Coasting
   72.60   Following fire apparatus
   72.61   Crossing fire hose
   72.62   Driving upon sidewalk or in safety zone
   72.63   Putting hazardous materials on highway
   72.64   Travel on freshly-dragged highway
   72.65   Obstructing highways
   72.66   Violation of controlled-access highway restrictions
   72.67   Off-street operation of motor vehicles and motorcycles on public and private property
   72.68   Excessive noise from motor vehicle or motorcycle operation prohibited
   Administrative warning tickets, see Ch. 42