Appendix A: Matters Subject to Chapter 42 Administrative Hearing Procedures
Section 81.251
Post tow hearings for impounded vehicles
Dogs and Cats (including but not limited to all appeals from declarations of dogs or animals as vicious, dangerous or nuisance)
Refuse And Recycling Violations
Business Licenses
Chapter 132
Section 43
Graffiti Prohibited
Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Codes
Housing and Property Maintenance Codes
Rental Property Inspections
Residential Rental Property Licensing and Crime Free Housing
Zoning Code
(Ord. 17-1382, passed 6-21-17; Am. Ord. 18-1460, passed 2-7-18; Am. Ord. 18-1499, passed 9-19-18; Am. Ord. 19-1570, passed 5-15-19; Am. Ord. 21-1704, passed 5-19-21)