(A)   Design.
      (1)   Except as specifically authorized by this chapter, all new public and quasi-public utilities, including gas lines, electrical lines, telephone lines, and cable T.V. transmission lines shall be located underground and, except for individual building or property services, shall be located in public easements or dedicated public rights-of-way. Existing above ground utilities shall be relocated underground upon development of a parcel. Easements or rights-of-way shall be of sufficient width and the utilities shall be installed at such locations therein as to permit open-cut installation, maintenance, and repair within the confines of the easement or right-of-way without relocation or other unreasonable interference with other public or quasi-public utilities located therein.
      (2)   Three-phase electrical transmission lines and electrical transformer facilities may be located aboveground on poles at such heights and locations along the perimeter of the subdivision so as not to be unsightly or hazardous to the public, and as may be approved by the Village Board.
      (3)   Front yard electrical transformers and telephone pedestals shall not be located aboveground in front yard easements or dedicated rights-of-way. Side yard electrical transformers and telephone pedestals may be located aboveground when they are located behind the subdivision building setback line.
   (B)   Construction standards. All utility installations shall conform with the applicable village, State Commerce Commission regulatory, or accepted industrial standards, whichever impose the highest and most demanding requirements for the preservation and protection of the public health, safety, and welfare.
(Ord. 2313-95, passed 2-1-95; Am. Ord. 12-1014, passed 11-7-12)