§ 158.002  JURISDICTION.
   (A)   Developments. These regulations shall apply with respect to:
      (1)   Any development of any parcel of land involving construction of any one or more single-family dwellings or two or more multiple-family dwelling units within a singular building;
      (2)   Any development of any parcel of land under single ownership or control involving the construction of any new building(s) or structure(s) having a total floor area in excess of 500 square feet;
      (3)   Any development involving any major expansion of an existing structure to which this section would apply if constructed new after the effective date hereof;
      (4)   Any development of any parcel of land under single ownership or control that will create more than two parking spaces in any residential zoning district, one parking space in any business zoning district, or one parking or one loading space in any industrial zoning district; and,
      (5)   Any development of any parcel of land involving the construction of any public or private school, library, hospital, or church, or any place of public assembly.
      (6)   Any development involving the construction of improvements in the public right- of-way or on publicly owned land.
   (B)   Subdivisions and/or developments. These regulations shall apply to every subdivision and/or development (as defined herein) occurring within the corporate limits of the village or in the unincorporated areas within one and one-half miles of the village's corporate limits, as those limits exist at the time the subdivision and/or development occurs.
   (C)   Interpretation of terms. The language set forth in the text of this code shall be interpreted in accordance with the following rules of construction:
      (1)   The singular number includes the plural and the plural singular;
      (2)   The present tense includes the past and the future tenses and the future the present;
      (3)   The word "shall" is mandatory, while the word "may" is permissive;
      (4)   The masculine gender includes the feminine and neuter; and,
      (5)   Whenever a word or term defined hereinafter appears in the text of this code, its meaning shall be construed as set forth in the definition thereof, and any word appearing in parenthesis directly after a word herein defined shall be construed in the same as that word.
(Ord. 2313-95, passed 2-1-95; Am. Ord. 12-1014, passed 11-7-12)