(A)   Irrespective of whether or not any other unlawful activity is conducted or intended, it shall be unlawful, except as hereafter permitted, for any person or persons to loiter or gather, whether in a vehicle or otherwise:
      (1)   In a public building, except on bona fide public business or for purposes for which such building is open to the public, or which are authorized by law or by the public body or officer having charge of such building;
      (2)   In a street, alley, parking area, sidewalk or other public thoroughfare so as to obstruct the use thereof by normal vehicular or pedestrian traffic, to which use such thoroughfares are hereby dedicated, or pose a hazard to such traffic; except that the Town Council may, at its discretion, permit the use of such thoroughfares for parades, demonstrations or similar events having a public purpose, interest or benefit;
      (3)   In a street, alley, parking area, sidewalk, park or similar public facility for the purpose of or in such manner so as to harass, disturb or annoy passers-by or other persons seeking to use and enjoy such public facility; or
      (4)   On other public premises, except for the purposes for which such premises are ordinarily used and made available to the public and in accordance with any applicable rules and regulations imposed by the appropriate public authority.
   (B)   However, nothing in this section shall be construed or applied so as to prohibit the exercise of any of the rights of any person as guaranteed under the constitutions or statutes of the state or United States, except to the extent that such exercise would unreasonably and unavoidably impair the supervening rights, safety and welfare of the general public.
(Ord. 569, passed 7-25-1989) Penalty, see § 132.99