Section 7. Council. The Council consists of a Mayor and five Councilors nominated and elected from the City at large or, in case of one or more vacancies in the Council, appointment by the Councilors whose offices are not vacant.
      Section 8. Councilors. The term of office of each Councilor in office when this charter is adopted is the term of office for which the Councilor has been elected or appointed before adoption of the charter. At the general election in 1998 and thereafter, each four years, three Councilors shall be elected, each for a four year term. At each general election beginning in 2000 and thereafter each four years, two Councilors shall be elected, each for a four year term.
      Section 9. Mayor. The term of office of the Mayor in office when this Charter is adopted continues until the beginning of the first odd numbered year after that time. At each general election subsequent to this Charter, a Mayor shall be elected for a two year term.
      Section 10. Term of Office. The term of office of an elective officer who is elected at a general election begins at the first Council meeting in January immediately after the election and continues until the successor to the office assumes the office.
      Section 11. Oath of Office. Before assuming the duties of an elected or appointive office of the City of Rockaway Beach, the officer shall take the following oath:
“I,                                           (name)                                                    , do solemnly swear/affirm (as appropriate) that I will support the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Oregon, and the Charter, Rules and Ordinances of the City of Rockaway Beach, and that I will faithfully perform the duties of the office of Mayor/Councilor/Officer (as appropriate) to which I have been duly elected/appointed (as appropriate) according to the best of my abilities.”
      Section 12. Additional Offices. Additional offices of the City allowed are Municipal Judge, City Manager, City Recorder, Chief of Police, Superintendent of Public Works, City Attorney, Fire Chief City Planner, City Engineer and such other offices as the Council deems necessary. A majority of the Council may create, abolish and combine appointive City offices and describe duties thereof and except as the majority prescribes otherwise, fill such offices by appointment and vacate them by removal.
      Section 13. Qualifications for Elective Office. A Person shall be eligible for an elective office of the City, if at the time of election he/she is a qualified elector within the City for twelve continuous months immediately preceding the election and remains so during the term of office to which elected. The Council shall be final judge of the qualifications and election of its own members.