(A)   The Mayor, or in the Mayor's absence, the President of the Council, may call a meeting at any time, or shall on written petition of 3 Councilors, call a meeting at any time for the transaction of the business mentioned in the petition. 24 hours notice is required per O.R.S. 192.640(3). Written notice of a special meeting shall be given each member of the Council. The notice shall be served on each member personally, or if a Councilor is not found, left at his or her place of residence. Written notice shall be posted at City Hall and the Post Office. Members of the media who have asked to be notified of meetings shall be notified in the usual manner.
   (B)   Council President. Except in voting on questions before the Council, the President shall function as Mayor when the Mayor is:
      (1)   Absent from a Council meeting;
      (2)   Unable to function as Mayor;
   (C)   The President shall attempt to contact the Mayor, by the most expeditious means possible, if the President schedules a special meeting or executive session of the Council in the Mayor's absence. The intent would be to provide the Mayor with the opportunity to attend the meeting, if possible.
(Ord. 07-403, passed 10-24-2007)