(A)   Only a member of the Police Department trained and authorized to perform criminal history checks through the OSP LEDS system (a.k.a. LEDS operator) will conduct the check on the prospective
      (1)   Employee;
      (2)   Volunteer;
      (3)   Tow truck driver;
      (4)   Franchisee;
      (5)   Licensee, e.g. gaming licensee; and/or
      (6)   Any other special permit (individually or collectively APPLICANT OR APPLICANTS).
   (B)   The LEDS operator will report to the Police Chief, and the Police Chief to the City Manager, the applicant's records indicate "criminal record" or "no criminal record". If the applicant's record is reported as "criminal record", the city will, under OAR 257-010-0025, request a written criminal history report from OSP's Identification Services Section. City Manager will make the written criminal history record available to the appropriate city official for his/her consideration in making the official's decision.
(Ord. 16-428, passed 5-11-2016)