(A)   The Council may establish ad hoc and/or advisory committees as needed. Each such committee shall be established by ordinance or resolution for a specific purpose. It shall have a deadline to accomplish its purpose and shall be considered dissolved when its purpose is accomplished. If such a committee needs additional time to complete its purpose it shall request additional time from the Council. A Councilor may serve as liaison to a committee, but may not chair or vote.
   (B)   At the first meeting of such a committee the members shall select a Chairperson, select a Secretary, and set a meeting schedule. Written minutes of meetings should be delivered to City Hall within 2 weeks of each meeting or before the next meeting if scheduled for less than 2 weeks. It shall be the responsibility of each committee secretary to see that notice is posted of each meeting at City Hall and the Post Office. The secretary may ask city staff to do a posting.
   (C)   All meetings held by such committees are subject to the Oregon Public Meetings Law, O.R.S. 192.610 - 192.990.
(Ord. 07-403, passed 10-24-2007)