Any contract amendment for additional work or product which is reasonably related to the scope of work under the original contract, including change orders, extra work, field orders or other changes in the specifications which increases the original contract price, may be made with the contractor, without competitive bidding, if:
   (A)   The amended contract does not substantially alter the scope or nature of the original contract; or
   (B)   If the amendment does substantially alter the scope or nature of the project, the amount of the aggregate cost change from all amendments creating new or changed obligations shall not exceed 25% of the initial contract; or
   (C)   The original contract was let by:
      (1)   Competitive bidding or alternative procurement process;
      (2)   Unit prices or additive alternates were provided that established the cost basis for the additional work or product; and
      (3)   Binding obligations exist on the parties covering the terms and conditions of the additional work; or
      (4)   The original contract was let pursuant to a declaration of emergency and the amendment is necessary to address the continuing emergency.
(Ord. 10-413, passed 12-14-2010)