(A)   Generally. Advertisement for competitive bids shall be published at least once in at least 1 newspaper of general circulation in the area where the contract is being performed. Advertisements, requests for proposals and solicitations by the city may be made electronically over the internet and/or by facsimile transmission in addition to publication set forth herein.
   (B)   Public improvements in excess of $75,000. In addition to the advertisements for bids as provided above, the advertisement for bids for public improvements in excess of $75,000 shall be published in at least 1 trade newspaper of general statewide circulation.
   (C)   All advertisements for bids shall state:
      (1)   If the contract is for a public work, that no bid will be received or considered by the city unless the bid contains a statement by the bidder as part of its bid that it shall comply with prevailing wage statutes and rules;
      (2)   The date after which bids will not be received, which date shall be not less than 5 days after the date of the last publication of the advertisement;
      (3)   The date that prequalification applications must be filed under § 30.18 and the class or classes of work for which bidders must be prequalified if prequalification is a requirement;
      (4)   The character of the work to be done or the material or supplies to be purchased;
      (5)   The office where the specifications for the work, material or supplies may be seen;
      (6)   City Hall is the proper place to submit the bids;
      (7)   The date, time and place that the city will publicly open the bids;
      (8)   That all expenses and costs associated with making the offer are solely those of the offeror.
(Ord. 10-413, passed 12-15-2010)