(A)   The following categories or classes of work may be, in the discretion of the city, subject to prequalification, should the contract be a public improvement contract exceeding $75,000:
      (1)   Highway, road and street improvement;
      (2)   Concrete paving and flatwork;
      (3)   Rock crushing;
      (4)   Bituminous oiling;
      (5)   Bituminous paving;
      (6)   Reinforced concrete construction;
      (7)   Bridge and overcrossing construction;
      (8)   Dredging and pile driving;
      (9)   Excavation and grading;
      (10)   Sewer construction;
      (11)   Sewage treatment plants;
      (12)   Sewage pumping stations;
      (13)   Waterlines;
      (14)   Water reservoirs;
      (15)   Water tanks - steel;
      (16)   Water tanks - concrete;
      (17)   Electrical wiring;
      (18)   Traffic signalization;
      (19)   Outdoor illumination;
      (20)   Building construction;
      (21)   Building alterations and repair;
      (22)   Demolition and related excavation and clearing;
      (23)   Painting and decorating;
      (24)   Plumbing;
      (25)   Heating;
      (26)   Roofing;
      (27)   Air conditioning;
      (28)   Irrigation and sprinkling systems;
      (29)   Drainage;
      (30)   Landscape.
   (B)   Bidder prequalification procedures.
      (1)   Any contract requiring prequalification shall be advertised as such a contract by publication at least once in a newspaper of general circulation within the area in which the contract is to be performed, or designated as such a contract as part of the advertisement procedure.
      (2)   Applications for prequalification shall be submitted on the forms provided by the city at the times designated by the Council for such prequalification.
      (3)   Upon establishment of the applicant's qualification, but in no case not to exceed 30 days from receipt of application, the city shall issue a qualification statement, if appropriate. The statement shall inform the applicant of:
         (a)   Any conditions which may be imposed on the qualification;
         (b)   The time period for which the qualification is valid; and
         (c)   Advise the applicant to notify the city promptly if there is any substantial change of conditions or circumstances which would make any statement contained in the prequalification application no longer applicable or untrue.
      (4)   If an applicant does not qualify, the city shall give the applicant, within 30 days of receipt of the application, notice of the denial and the basis for the denial.
      (5)   Should the city discover that a person prequalified is no longer qualified, the city may revoke the prequalification after giving notice to the newly-disqualified person. The notice shall:
         (a)   Specify the reason for the revocation;
         (b)   Inform the person of their right to a hearing on the disqualification; and
         (c)   Inform the person that the revocation will be effective 10 days from the date of the notice unless evidence showing that the deficiency has been corrected has been received and approved by the city. Any request for hearing must be received at City Hall before the close of business the fifth business day after notice of disqualification is mailed or faxed to the person.
(Ord. 10-413, passed 12-15-2010)