For purposes of this subchapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   COMPETITIVE BIDDING. The solicitation by the city of competitive offers which follow the formal process for advertising, bid and bid opening required by this subchapter and by applicable rules of the city.
   COMPETITIVE QUOTES. The solicitation of offers by the city from competing vendors. The solicitation may be by advertisement or by the city initiating a request to vendors to make an offer. The solicitation and the offer may be written or oral.
   CONTRACTOR. The person with whom the city enters into a contract.
   ELECTRONIC ADVERTISEMENT. The city's request for bids, quotes, RFPs or other information available over the internet.
   MODEL RULES. The Oregon Attorney General's Model Rules of Procedure for Public Contracting.
   PERSON. An individual, corporation, business trust estate, trust, partnership, limited liability company, association, joint venture, government agency, public corporation or any other legal or commercial entity.
   PERSONAL SERVICES. A contract with a person described in § 30.17(G)(1).
   PUBLIC CONTRACT. Any purchase, lease, disposal or sale by the city personal property, public improvements, services and public works including minor alterations and repairs or maintenance necessary to preserve a public improvement.
   PUBLIC CONTRACTING AGENCY. City of Rockaway Beach ("city").
   LOCAL CONTRACT REVIEW BOARD. The City Council of the City of Rockaway Beach ("Council").
   PROCUREMENT. The act of purchasing, leasing, renting or otherwise acquiring goods or services.
   PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT. Projects for construction, reconstruction or major renovation on real property by or for the city. PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT does not include emergency work, minor alterations, ordinary repair or maintenance necessary in order to preserve a public improvement.
   PUBLIC WORKS PROJECT. Includes, but is not limited to, roads, highways, buildings, structures and improvements of all types, the construction, reconstruction, major renovation or painting of which is carried on or contracted for by the city to serve the public interest, but does not include the reconstruction or renovation of privately owned property which is leased by the city.
   SPECIFICATION. Any description of the physical or functional characteristics, or of the nature of a supply, service or construction item, including any requirement for inspecting, testing or preparing a supply, service or construction item for delivery and the quantities or qualities of materials to be furnished under a contract. Specifications generally will state the result to be obtained and may, on occasion, describe the method and manner of doing the work to be performed.
   WORK. The furnishing of all materials, equipment, labor and incidentals necessary to successfully complete any individual item in a contract and successful completion of all duties and obligations imposed by the contract.
   WRITTEN or WRITING. Written or writing means conventional paper documents, whether handwritten, typewritten or printed, in contrast to spoken words. It also includes electronic transmissions or facsimile documents when required by applicable law or permitted by a solicitation document or contract.
(Ord. 10-413, passed 12-15-2010)