(A)   For the purpose of this section, the term GARAGE SALE shall be defined as any sale, displaying of goods for sale, or the offer to sell used goods within the city limits by any individual or group of individuals from any private property, including but not limited to garages, porches, carports and yards.
   (B)   A garage sale permit shall be obtained at the Rockaway Beach City Hall prior to any sale in excess of 3 consecutive days and would be valid for no more than 10 consecutive days in any 6-month period in the same location. Any sale permit in excess of 10 days would need City Council approval.
   (C)   Advertising shall be allowed on premise only, and no off premise signs are allowed unless prior written consent of property owner has been obtained. Signs on public property are prohibited at all times and shall be removed.
   (D)   Sales commonly referred to as rummage sales, conducted by members of civic, patriotic, religious, service, charitable or educational organizations, including fraternal, are exempted from the required permit fees.
   (E)   The City Council shall set permit fees by resolution.
   (F)   Issuance of the permit under this section shall not constitute a waiver of the requirements of the zoning ordinance or any other ordinance of the City of Rockaway Beach.
(Prior Code, Ord. 95-326, passed 4-26-1995)