General Provisions
   96.01   Spitting
   96.02   Depositing matter on public ways
   96.03   Placement of advertising upon public property
   96.04   Posting of notices on utility poles
   96.05   Sidewalk cleaning
   96.06   Parade permits; conditions set by Chief of Police
Excavations and Construction
   96.27   Definitions
   96.28   Board of Public Works to administer
   96.29   Permit
   96.30   Restoration costs
   96.31   Violations
   96.40   Conformity required
   96.41   Permit to build, replace, or repair sidewalk
   96.42   Permit application
   96.43   Clerk-Treasurer to forward permits
   96.44   Standard width and thickness of sidewalks
   96.45   (Repealed)
   96.46   Slope of sidewalk
   96.47   Placement of sidewalk
   96.48   Construction of subgrade
   96.49   Forms used in connection with sidewalks
   96.50   Composition of concrete
   96.51   (Repealed)
   96.52   (Repealed)
   96.53   Placement of expansion joints; composition; size
   96.54   Depositing of concrete; edgers; joints
   96.55   Driveways across sidewalks
   96.56   Alley crossings across sidewalks
   96.57   Inspection of materials and supervision of work
   96.58   Cutting of sidewalk section
   96.59   Allocation of dirt and old material; duty of contractor with reference to grade stakes
   96.60   Tampering with grade stakes
   96.61   Preliminary resolution of improvement required
   96.62   Service of notice of preliminary resolution
   96.63   Order to repair or replace sidewalk
   96.64   Sidewalk improvements by city
   96.65   Lien against property benefitted
Visual Obstructions
   96.75   Visual obstructions prohibited; exceptions
   96.76   Enforcement
   96.77   Abatement
   96.78   Preexisting obstruction
Sidewalks Required
   96.80   New buildings
   96.81   Waiver-new buildings
   96.82   Building permits
   96.83   Appeal
   96.84   Determinate variance
   96.85   Repair of sidewalks
   96.86   ADA requirements
Snow Removal Conditions
   96.90   General provisions
   96.91   Parking restrictions during snow removal periods
   96.92   Removal and impoundment of vehicles
   96.93   Clearing snow and ice from sidewalks
Statutory reference:
   Power of city to clean streets, alleys and public grounds, see I.C. 36-9-6-2
   Power of city to establish, maintain and control public ways, see I C. 36-9-2-5
Editor's Note:
   Per the document entitled "Interlocal Agreement for the Administration of the Sidewalk Code of the City of Rochester by Fulton County", adopted by the Fulton County Commissioners on February 19, 2013, and the Rochester Common Council on February 26, 2013, the administration of §§ 96.27 et seq. has been turned over to the Fulton County Area Plan Director, however the affected code sections have not been amended to reflect this change.