A Class BA “banquet hall” license shall authorize the service or sale of alcoholic liquor at retail, to be sold and served by the drink or pitcher only, although beer may be sold by the keg, and wine may be sold by the bottle, so long as beer and wine are served by the drink or by the pitcher, for consumption on the premises only, in the course of banquet hall business. In the course of this business, the licensee is responsible for control of patrons in the business premises, and at no time may patrons be allowed to act as bartenders or otherwise dispense liquor. At all times that the premises are used for the sale of alcoholic liquor, the licensee or a manager acting for the licensee must be on the premises. Alcoholic liquor may be sold and served only during such times and in such areas within the facility as are evidenced by a written rental agreement, which agreement shall be available for inspection by the Liquor Commissioner or his or her agents during each event and for six months thereafter. The annual fee for the license shall be $250 payable in two installments, $125 on April 30 of each year and $125 on October 30 of each year. The number of banquet hall licenses shall be two.
(Prior Code, § 110.010A) (Ord. 2009-016, passed 6-1-2009; Ord. 13-017, passed 8-19-2013)