(A)   New Business License Applications And Failure To Obtain License Before Commencing Business Operations: All new business license applications must be accompanied by a one hundred dollar ($100.00) nonrefundable deposit which will be applied to the license fee required by the schedule set forth in section 5-1-18 of this chapter if a license is granted or renewed by the license committee. In the event that the applicant fails to submit its license application and obtain all necessary business licenses before commencing operations or continues to operate after the expiration of any issued license(s), any applicable license fee shall be increased by two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00). No license shall be issued before payment in full of all applicable license fees, including any fee required due to an applicant's failure to obtain any required license before commencing operations or to renew required license(s) in a timely manner.
   (B)   Renewal Of License: The license fee for renewing any previously issued license is due on or before April 30 of the applicable municipal fiscal year. In the event that a business fails to submit an application to renew all applicable license fees on or before April 30, each applicable license fee shall be increased by two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00). If a business does not renew its license or licenses on or before May 31, the applicant's right to renew each license shall be null and void, and all business operations shall cease unless and until all proper licenses are obtained, and all additional fees, including late renewal fees, are paid in full. All applications for renewal submitted after May 31 of the year shall require the completion of all documents required for a license for a new business and be subject to all inspections and reviews required of new business license applications. (Ord. 2011-02, 2-3-2011)