All licenses authorized to be issued and required to be procured in and by this chapter, which are granted by the president, shall be issued by the clerk upon instruction or direction from the president so to do. Written application for such license shall be made to the clerk in each case upon blanks furnished by him, except where otherwise specifically provided for, and a new application shall be made upon the expiration of any license issued, before a new license shall issue. In case the provisions of this code, or in the absence thereof the president requires an investigation, on receipt of the application, the clerk shall, at once, proceed to make such an investigation of the applicant as is required by the provisions of this code or by said president, or shall transmit such application to the proper department for such investigation. If such report recommends the granting of the license, the clerk shall notify the applicant and upon payment of the license fee and the filing of a bond in accordance with the provisions of this code when bond is required, the clerk, when authorized so to do by the president, shall issue to the applicant a license bearing the seal of the village for a period for which payment is made. (4-18-57)