(A)   It shall be the duty of every applicant for a building permit for the construction of a new building within the Village to:
      1.   Install within the boundaries of the property on which such building is to be constructed public sidewalk along streets abutting such property within 10 days after completion.
      2.   If public sidewalk has already been installed, to protect such sidewalk from damage during construction and to repair any damage done within 5 days after completion.
   (B)   To assure compliance with this Section, each applicant, as aforesaid, shall deposit with the Village an amount of money equal to $5.00 for each lineal foot of sidewalk required to be installed or protected, which sum may be used by the Village to install or repair sidewalk as required herein upon the failure of applicant to do so.
   (C)   Applicant may obtain refund of the money deposited upon request and certification by the Building Commissioner that this Section has been complied with. (Ord. 1966-10; 5-12-66)