3-1-2: GRADE:
The grade for sidewalks shall be established by the Board of Trustees as soon as is practicable, but in all cases where not so established the grade for new sidewalks shall be that fixed by the Engineer from time to time. It shall be the duty of said Engineer when any new sidewalk is ordered to be laid to furnish such grade to owners of property desiring to build their portions of sidewalk, upon their application to him, and to superintend the construction of sidewalks so far as may be necessary to compel their construction on the grade established and furnished as aforesaid, and of the materials and in the manner prescribed in this Chapter and orders concerning such sidewalks and of the material prescribed therefor.
If any person shall build or attempt to build any sidewalk or portion thereof, and fail, neglect or refuse in so doing to comply with the provisions of this Chapter and orders concerning such sidewalk, the said Engineer shall direct such sidewalk or portion thereof, as the case may be, to be relaid, and in case of the failure, neglect or refusal of the person so directed to immediately comply with such direction, the said Engineer shall report to the Board of Trustees the facts, and in the same manner as if such sidewalk or portion thereof had not been laid.