A.   Permit Parking Zones Established: Permit parking zones are hereby established upon those streets or portions of streets and such other designated areas for such days and times as authorized by section 9-3-22 of this title.
   B.   Permit Required: The owner of any motor vehicle shall be required to obtain and display a current Village parking permit by hanging it from the rearview mirror before parking in any designated permit parking zone.
   C.   Application For Permit: Any person requiring a parking permit for a motor vehicle shall prepare an application upon a form provided by the Village Administrator, setting forth the name, address, telephone number and other applicable information as may be prescribed. Upon payment of the monthly permit fee, the Village Administrator shall issue the permit.
   D.   Permit Fees: The permit fees to be paid on a monthly basis are forty five dollars per month for residents. The fee shall increase to fifty dollars on May 1, 2019 and fifty five dollars on May 1, 2020. The permit fee for motorcycle/scooter parking shall be twenty five dollars on May 1, 2019 and twenty seven dollars and fifty cents on May 1, 2020. All permit fees shall be required during the days and times described for each location included in section 9-3-22 and 9-3-26 of this title.
   E.   Advance Purchase: Permits may be purchased from one to twelve months in advance except that permit fees for Special Permit Parking Zone A is an annual fee payable in advance. Unused permits are not refundable.
   F.   Regulations For Use: It shall be unlawful and a violation of this section to park any vehicle in a permit parking zone unless the vehicle: 1) displays a current River Forest vehicle license, 2) displays a valid parking permit as described in this section, and 3) is parked so that the vehicle does not occupy more than one designated parking stall. Except that vehicles using the Special Permit Parking Zone A (south side of Central between Clinton Place and Harlem) do not have to comply with item 1 of this subsection. (Ord. 2903, 11-27-2000; amd. Ord. 2749, 12- 8-1997; Ord. 3701, 6-11-2018, eff. 7-1-2018; Ord. 3780, 9-23-2019)