The members of the police department shall, in addition to other provisions of this code, be subject to the following:
   A.   The general administration and control of the police department is vested in the chief of police, who shall be responsible for the government, efficiency and general good conduct of the department. (1981 Code)
   B.   The chief of police, in the exercise of his duties, shall have the power to establish and enforce rules and regulations for the government of the members and employees of the department, subject to the periodic approval of and adoption by the president and board. (Ord. 2115, 4-11-1983)
   C.   The chief of police shall have full power and authority in his discretion to reprimand or suspend any member of the police department without pay for a period of not to exceed five days. However, if any person so suspended shall feel aggrieved, he may apply to the board of fire and police commissioners for a hearing 1 .
   D.   The chief of police shall cause to be kept such books and records as may be specifically provided by ordinance and the Illinois state statutes, and shall report to the board at the end of each month the number of arrests made during such month, together with the causes of arrest, and shall give such other information as the village board may require from time to time. He shall also cause to be made and kept such other books and records of the proceedings of the department as he may deem necessary.
   E.   The chief of police shall file an annual report with the village clerk to be presented at the may meeting of the board, covering the fiscal year, as to all arrests, lists of violation, amounts of fines, including the amount of property stolen and recovered by the department, and such other information as may be requested by the board.
   F.   The chief of police shall have the custody and control of all books, records, machines, tools, apparatus or equipment of every kind necessary for the use of the department.
   G.   In the absence of the chief of police from the village, or in case of his inability to act, the acting chief of police shall have and be permitted in such case to exercise the powers and duties and discretions as hereinbefore stated. Such orders shall not, except in the case of extreme emergency, be countermanded or set aside.
   H.   No member of the police department of the village shall, for his own benefit, share in any present, gift or emolument for police services without the consent of the chief of police and the president and board.
   I.   Every member of the police department shall have a suitable badge, star and gun to be furnished by the village, and any member who shall destroy the same shall be required to pay the cost of replacement. Whenever any member of the department shall leave, resign, be suspended or discharged, he shall immediately deliver them to the chief of police.
   J.   The provisions of 705 Illinois Compiled Statutes 405/1-1 et seq. (Juvenile court act) are adopted by reference. The chief of police may appoint one or more full time members of the police department as juvenile officers. (1981 Code)



1. See title 2, chapter 4 of this code.