A.   Maintenance: Legal nonconforming signs, meaning a nonconforming sign lawfully erected which has since become nonconforming, may be maintained subject to the following regulations:
      1.   No nonconforming sign shall be expanded or altered to prolong the life of the sign.
      2.   No nonconforming sign structure shall be changed to another nonconforming sign structure except that the copy, message or graphic of a nonconforming sign may be changed.
      3.   The nonstructural component of a multi-tenant sign on which the copy, message or graphic is displayed, such as a plastic or metal panel or insert, may be replaced to accommodate a change in tenant.
      4.   If the copy, message or graphic of a nonconforming sign cannot be changed without altering a structural component, then such change is not permitted. Structural components include any part of a sign attached directly to the ground or to a building or structure, any part of the supporting structure of a sign without which the sign fails to maintain its structural integrity, and any part of a sign's electrical or lighting equipment.
      5.   No nonconforming sign shall be relocated in whole or in part unless, when relocated, it conforms to all of the provisions of this chapter.
      6.   If a nonconforming sign is damaged or destroyed to the extent of fifty percent of its replacement value, the sign must be repaired or replaced in conformance with all provisions of this chapter.
   B.   Abatement, Abandonment And Discontinuance: If a legal nonconforming sign is discontinued or abandoned for a period of one hundred eighty days, the rights to legal nonconforming status shall have expired and any subsequent use of such a sign shall comply with all regulations of the zoning district in which such a sign is located. The period of such discontinuance caused by government action, acts of God or other acts without any contributing fault by the user, shall not be included in calculating the length of discontinuance for this section.
   C.   Removal: Illegal nonconforming signs, meaning a nonconforming sign unlawfully erected or maintained, shall be removed. (Ord. 3392, 9-12-2011; amd. Ord. 3825, 11-30-2020)