A.   A "temporary sign" is any sign in any nonresidential district that is not designed or intended to be placed permanently.
   B.   Any owner or tenant desiring to erect or maintain a temporary sign shall submit a temporary sign permit application. An application may only be made by the owner or tenant of the property on which the temporary sign will be erected and maintained. A separate application must be submitted for each temporary sign an owner or tenant desires to erect and maintain. The applicant shall be responsible for the installation, maintenance and removal of a temporary sign pursuant to a permit issued by the village.
   C.   No temporary sign shall be erected or maintained without a permit. No temporary sign shall be maintained beyond the date and time set forth in the permit permitting the temporary sign to be erected and maintained.
   D.   The permit fee for temporary signs shall be one hundred dollars per application.
   E.   Temporary signs shall not exceed thirty-two square feet in area.
   F.   Only one temporary sign shall be allowed for each temporary sign permit application. No applicant may display a temporary sign more than three times a year. A separate permit application is required for each temporary sign request.
   G.   Temporary signs are limited to a display duration not to exceed ninety calendar days.
   H.   All temporary signs must remain in good condition throughout the display period. The applicant is responsible for maintaining the temporary sign. Corrective action must be taken immediately by the applicant if there exists any problems or defects with the appearance, condition or maintenance of the sign and/or support hardware. Temporary signs must be constructed of durable, weather resistant materials (canvas, nylon, etc.) with sufficient strength and resilience to maintain an acceptable appearance for the duration of its display and shall be securely affixed on all sides/corners.
   I.   No temporary sign may be located higher than the roofline of the building to which it is attached or, if attached to a permanent sign, higher than the sign. There must be no encroachment of a temporary sign into the public right of way.
   J.   Temporary signs may not block any public signs or public infrastructure and shall be placed not less than eight feet from the nearest edge of a right of way or property line.
   K.   River Forest units of government may install temporary streetlight banners on village owned streetlights. Said banners shall be limited to a display not to exceed one hundred eighty days and the display may be extended for an additional one hundred eighty days with approval of the village. One temporary sign permit application shall be required for each street or parking lot at which the temporary streetlight banners will be installed. All other temporary sign regulations listed in this section shall apply to temporary streetlight banners. (Ord. 3484, 4-22-2013; amd. Ord. 3825, 11-30-2020)