The following signs, as well as all other signs not expressly permitted by this chapter, are prohibited and shall not be erected, maintained or, except as provided for elsewhere in this chapter, permitted to continue in any district:
   A.   Attention getting devices.
   B.   Box signs.
   C.   Electronic reader board (except as approved as part of a planned development).
   D.   Moving or animated signs.
   E.   Off premises signs (except as approved as part of a planned development).
   F.   Outline lighting.
   G.   Portable signs.
   H.   Roof signs.
   I.   Temporary signs, except as expressly authorized in this chapter and when approved in connection with temporary uses.
   J.   Vehicle/trailer signs.
   K.   Any sign on a tree, utility pole or light pole, whether on public or private property (except municipal/government banners appropriately approved and mounted).
   L.   Any sign on public property, except governmental signs and signs in the PRI district authorized in this chapter.
   M.   Any sign painted directly on a wall, roof or fence.
   N.   Any ground sign (or portion of a sign) existing at a height of more than fifteen feet above the grade of an adjacent residential district.
   O.   Construction signs in residential neighborhoods other than the sign or permit placard required by the village. (Ord. 3446, 7-9-2012; amd. Ord. 3825, 11-30-2020)