A.   Sign Types:
      1.   Attention Getting Device: A sign designed to attract attention by means of flashing or moving parts, bright color or light or movement of any kind. Examples of such signs include pennants hung in series, whirligigs, spinners, streamers, flashing lights, searchlights and balloons.
      2.   Drive-Through Sign: A sign that facilitates the operation of a drive-through facility by aiding with the pick-up, drop off, ordering or service of such a facility. It includes, but is not limited to, such signs as changeable copy menu boards.
      3.   Governmental Signs: A sign erected and maintained pursuant to and in discharge of any governmental function or required by any law, ordinance or governmental regulation.
      4.   Off Premises Sign: A sign located on a property other than the property of the primary use or business to which the sign is associated.
      5.   On Site Traffic Directional Sign: A sign that assists in the movement of vehicular, bicycle or pedestrian traffic on a property.
      6.   Outline Lighting: An arrangement of incandescent lamps, light emitting diodes (LEDs) or other electrically powered light sources, in a string, rope, or similar configuration that calls attention to the outline or decoration of a window or outlines other architectural features.
      7.   Awning, Canopy or Marquee Sign: A sign that is mounted or painted on or attached to an awning, canopy or marquee that is otherwise permitted by this chapter. No such sign shall project above, below or beyond the physical dimensions of such awning, canopy or marquee.
      8.   Banner Sign: A temporary sign made of fabric or other similar nonrigid material with no enclosing framework or electrical components that is supported or anchored on two or more edges or at all four corners.
      9.   Box Sign: A sign that is self-enclosed in a typically square or rectangular structure with or without internal lighting. A box sign can be single or double sided.
      10.   Freestanding Sign: A sign on a frame, pole or other support structure not attached to any building.
      11.   Monument Sign: A freestanding sign supported primarily by an internal structural framework or integrated into landscaping or other solid structural features other than support poles.
      12.   Moving or Animated Sign: Any sign or part of a sign that changes physical position by any movement or rotation or that gives the visual impression of such movement or rotation.
      13.   Paint on Wall Sign: A sign painted on the wall of a building or structure with the exposed face of the sign in a place parallel to the face of the wall.
      14.   Post Sign: A freestanding, moveable sign affixed to the ground with one or no more than two wood stakes or poles with an arm from which the sign hangs.
      15.   Portable Sign: A sign that is not permanently affixed to a building, a structure or the ground, but not including customary identification lettering on vehicles and advertising posters on buses and taxicabs.
      16.   Projecting Sign: A sign that is wholly or partially dependent upon a building for support, that projects more than twelve inches from such building, and whose face is perpendicular to the façade of the building upon which it is attached.
      17.   Pylon Sign: A sign that is mounted on a freestanding pole or other supports.
      18.   Reader Board/Changeable Copy/Video Sign: A sign or portion of a sign designed to accommodate frequent message changes composed of characters, or letters, or illustrations and that can be changed or rearranged, either manually or electronically, without altering the face or surface of such sign.
      19.   Roof Sign: A sign that is mounted or painted on the roof of a building, or that is wholly dependent upon a building for support and that projects above the highest point of a building with a flat roof, the eave line of a building with gambrel, gable or hip roof or the deck line of a building with a mansard roof.
      20.   Sandwich Board Sign: A movable sign not secured or attached to the ground or surface upon which it is located.
      21.   Temporary Sign: A sign or advertising display constructed of cloth, canvas, fabric, paper, plywood or other light material and intended to be displayed for a short period of time.
      22.   Vehicle/Trailer Sign: A sign that is attached to or painted on a vehicle that is parked on or adjacent to any property, the principal purpose of which is to attract attention to a product sold or business located on the property, not including signs on service or delivery vehicles operating on public streets.
      23.   Wall Sign: A sign fastened to the wall of a building or structure in such a manner that the wall becomes the supporting structure for, or forms the background surface of, the sign, that does not project more than twelve inches from such building or structure, and whose face is parallel to the façade of the building upon which it is attached.
      24.   Window Sign: A sign that is applied or attached to the exterior or interior of a window or located within the interior of a structure so that its message can be read from the exterior of the structure. Window signs shall include window film, decals and clings which are more than fifty percent opaque and / or contain sign copy.
      25.   Yard Sign: A freestanding, moveable sign on a wire or plastic frame, wood stake or similar support. (Ord. 3392, 9-12-2011; amd. Ord. 3781, 9-23-2019; Ord. 3825, 11-30-2020)