A.   Sign Permit: Except as expressly provided in section 4-5-6 of this chapter, no sign shall be erected, enlarged, expanded, altered, relocated or maintained unless a sign permit evidencing the compliance of such work with the provisions of this chapter and other applicable provisions of this code shall have first been issued by the village in accordance with the provisions of this section; provided, however, that routine sign maintenance (totaling less than $500.00 annually) or changing of parts designed to be changed shall not, standing alone, be considered an alteration of the sign requiring the issuance of a sign permit by the village.
   B.   Additional Application Requirements: Every application for a sign permit shall be accompanied by:
      1.   Plans and specifications showing the location on the lot or building face and the method of construction, illumination and support of such sign;
      2.   A scale drawing showing sign faces, exposed surfaces and the proposed design, accurately represented as to size, area, proportion and color;
      3.   Photographs of the right-of-way sides of the property in question, showing all existing signs on the property;
      4.   A calculation of the total amount of sign area presently existing on the property;
      5.   The applicant's attestation that the sum of the areas of the requested sign or signs and the existing signs does not exceed the maximum allowed by the provisions of this chapter;
      6.   Evidence of a valid village business license, when required, issued for any business to which the sign is accessory;
      7.   A letter from a licensed architect, structural engineer or sign manufacturer/installation company verifying the structural integrity, safety and overall soundness of the sign design and installation; and
      8.   Such other information or materials as the village requests. (Ord. 3392, 9-12-2011; amd. Ord. 3825, 11-30-2020)