Whenever an authorized employee of the Village observes a violation of this chapter, he or she may issue a violation notice to the person committing the violation. The violation notice shall be signed by the employee, shall be in writing, and shall include the following:
   A.   The name of the person violating this Code, and his or her address, if known.
   B.   The nature of the offense.
   C.   The applicable fine.
   D.   After the final notice date, appearance of the person in the Fourth Municipal District of the Circuit Court of Cook County at a certain time and place.
If the person so notified fails to appear in court, then a summons or warrant for arrest shall be issued.
Such notice shall be issued only by employees authorized to do so by the President. (Ord. 2503, 6-22-1992; amd. Ord. 3239, 5-12-2008)