A.   The 2003 edition of the international fire code is hereby adopted by reference as the fire code of the village, except for such additions, insertions, deletions or changes as hereinafter prescribed in subsection B of this section.
   B.   The following are amendments to the international fire code/2003:
101.1 Title. Insert village of River Forest.
105.6.21 Hazardous Materials. Add the following at the end of this paragraph: An operational permit may also be required at the discretion of the authority having jurisdictions (AHJ).
109.3 Violations Penalties. Insert misdemeanor as the specific offense, a fine of $750.00 and delete the imprisonment provision.
111.4 Failure To Comply. Insert fine of not less than $100.00 nor more than $750.00.
407.2 Material Safety Data Sheets. Add the following at the end of this paragraph: material safety data sheets (MSDS) shall be stored at a location, and in a manner, approved by the fire department for immediate emergency access.
Hazardous material inventory statements (HMIS) shall be included. HMIS shall be revised semi-annually unless approved by the fire department.
3304 Explosive Materials Storage And Handling. Delete sections 3304.1 through 3304.10.7, and replace with the following section:
3304.1 Storage Prohibited. The storage of explosives and explosive materials, small arms ammunition, small arms primers, propellant-actuated cartridges and smokeless propellants in magazines is prohibited within the village limits of River Forest.
(Ord. 3239, 5-12-2008)