A.   Construction Sign: Such signs shall not exceed sixty-four (64) square feet in surface area in a commercial district or approved planned development area. The limit for surface area is applicable on each street frontage.
   Such signs are permitted as standalone signs or mounted on construction fences in a commercial district, subject to the following:
      1.   Temporary construction fence wrap signs require approval by the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator may impose conditions on approval of temporary construction fence wrap signs.
      2.   Content of a temporary construction fence wrap signs is limited to twenty-five percent (25%) of the surface area of the construction fence. Renderings of the building under construction shall not be included in the area calculation.
      3.   Temporary construction fence wrap signs are limited to a display of the lesser of eighteen (18) months, or such shorter time period as the Zoning Administrator allows, after initial approval by the Zoning Administrator for the sign ("initial display period"). If construction of an applicable building begins within the initial display period, a sign may continue to be displayed for an additional nine (9) months after the expiration of the initial display period. If construction does not commence within the initial display period, the sign shall be removed within seven (7) calendar days after the expiration of the initial display period.
      4.   The wrap material shall be of a durable, weather resistant material like canvas, nylon, or vinyl coated fabric.
      5.   Temporary construction fence wrap signs shall not be displayed at the same time as a construction sign, if the construction wrap sign contains any content.
      6.   Construction fence wrap signs may include only the following content:
         a.   A rendering, elevation drawing of building, or diagram of the building exterior;
         b.   Anticipated project completion date;
         c.   The name, address, and telephone number of the owner of the property;
         d.   The name and telephone number of the general contractor; and
         e.   General information regarding the price and size of units and other similar information.
   B.   Permit Fee: The cost of the permit fee shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) per application. (Ord. 3781, 9-23-2019)