96.01   Title
   96.02   Definitions
   96.03   Street tree plan
   96.04   Plan administration
   96.05   Authority of City Manager
   96.06   Planting generally
   96.07   Permits required
   96.08   Abusing or mutilating trees prohibited
   96.09   Open ground maintenance
   96.10   Interference prohibited
   96.11   Building construction necessitating, altering, or removing tree; permit and deposit required
   96.12   Private tree maintenance; failure a nuisance; notice
   96.13   Planting in new subdivisions; plan and deposit submission
   96.14   Emergency situations; public utilities may trim without permit
   96.15   Changing the variety of approved trees; procedure
   96.16   Liability of property owner
   96.17   Responsibility of property owner or occupant
   96.18   Appeal from decision
   96.19   Penalty for violations; civil action
   96.20   Dangerous trees, mistletoe a nuisance
   Oak and landmark tree preservation, see Ch. 156