(A)   In the event that any approved trees become subject to pests or otherwise unsuitable as street trees, the owners of not less than 50% of the front footage on any block and not less than 50% of the frontage of the block facing the same on the opposite side of the street may apply to the Planning Commission for change in the variety of approved trees on such block. “Block” means the block fronting on any street between cross streets. The Planning Commission shall schedule and conduct a hearing upon receipt of such notice. At least ten days prior to the hearing, the City Clerk shall provide
written notice of the hearing to the owners of lands on the block to be affected by such proposed change by mail to the addresses shown on the current assessment roll and may publish a notice of the hearing at least once in a newspaper published in the city. At the hearing the Planning Commission shall hear the evidence presented and shall take into consideration the effect of the change on the general tree planting program of the city. The Planning Commission shall issue a written decision, which the City Clerk shall be mail to all affected property owners as defined herein.
   (B)   Any person dissatisfied with the decision of the Planning Commission may appeal the same to the City Council within ten days after notice of such decision. The City Council shall consider such appeal at its next regular meeting or at such time as it may be continued, and its decision shall be final.
(Ord. 2017-005, passed 4-11-17)