The provisions of §§ 150.05 through 150.16 shall not affect or impair an act done or right vested or approved or any proceeding, suit or prosecution had or commenced in any cause before such repeal shall take affect; but every such act done, or right vested or accrued, or proceeding, suit or prosecution shall remain in full force and affect to all intents and purposes as if such ordinance or part thereof so repealed had remained in force. No offense committed and no liability, penalty or forfeiture, either civilly or criminally incurred prior to the time when any such ordinance or part thereof shall be repealed or altered by this Code shall be discharged or affected by such repeal or alteration; but prosecutions and suits for such offenses, liabilities, penalties or forfeitures shall be instituted and proceeded with in all respects as if such prior ordinance or part thereof had not been repealed or altered.
(Ord. 2020-003, passed 2-11-20)