The purpose and intent of this chapter is to establish landscaping regulations that are intended to:
   (A)   Enhance the aesthetic appearance of development in all areas of the city by providing development standards relating to quality, quantity and functional aspects of landscaping and landscape screening.
   (B)   Increase compatibility between residential and abutting commercial and industrial uses.
   (C)   Reduce the heat and glare generated by development.
   (D)   Establish a water conservation plan to reduce water consumption in the landscape environment using conservation principles important to the State of California and the City of Riverbank.
   (E)   Protect public health, safety, and welfare by minimizing the impact of all forms of physical and visual pollution, controlling soil erosion, screening incompatible land uses, preserving the integrity of neighborhoods, and enhancing pedestrian and vehicular traffic and safety.
   (F)   Comply with the California Department of Water Resources Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance as contained in Title 23, Division 2, Chapter 2.7 of the California Code of Regulations and the California Green Building Standards of 2019 and/or these standards as amended from time to time.
(Ord. 2020-003, passed 2-11-20)