(A)   If and when it shall appear that any condition described in § 97.03 of this subchapter exists on any lot or private premises, the Director of Public Works or his authorized agent may direct the abatement and/or removal thereof and cause notices to be posted upon or in front of such property to the effect that such weeds, vines, shrubs, brush, rubbish, or dirt, must be removed within ten days from and after the date of such posting. Such notices shall be conspicuously posted on or in front of the property on or in front of which the condition exists as follows:
      (1)   One notice shall be posted on or in front of each separately owned parcel.
      (2)   Not more than two notices shall be posted to any 50 feet to 100 feet frontage.
      (3)   Notices shall be placed at intervals not more than 100 feet, if the frontage of a parcel is greater than 100 feet, with one notice for each 100 feet of frontage.
   (B)   In addition to posting such notices, the Director of Public Works or his authorized agent shall send a similar notice to the owner of the subject property as shown upon any fee record, or upon the last equalized assessment roll by United States mail; but the failure of the owner to receive such a notice shall not affect the power of the city or any of its officers or employees to proceed as provided herein.
(`67 Code, § 4-7-4)  (Ord. 87-16, passed 9-14-86)