It is unlawful for any person to place any of the following substances in any public sewer, sewer pipe, manhole or industrial waste pipeline of the city:
   (A)   Any fats, grease or similar substances, except where the same shall be incidentally contained in domestic sewage from private houses.
   (B)   Sand, dirt, mud or other similar substances.
   (C)   Crude oil, petroleum, kerosene or any product of crude oil, petroleum or any substances of which the same forms a constituent part.
(Ord. 239, passed 12-8-58)
   (D)   Any industrial wastes containing:  a pH lower than 7.2, sulfides, whey, or any substance which is deleterious to the public sewerage system or industrial waste pipeline of the city.
(Ord. 78-4, passed 4-24-78)
   (E)   There shall be no new connections made to the city's sanitary or industrial sewers of any pipe, catch basin, or appurtenance containing storm waters, surface runoff, street wash or other waters from inflow sources not classified as sanitary sewage or industrial waste waters.
   (F)   Any new sewer and/or sewer connection to the city's sanitary or industrial sewer system shall be properly designed in accordance with the city standards and shall be inspected to insure proper construction.
(Ord. 75-5, passed 7-14-75)
(`67 Code, § 4-4-5)  Penalty, see § 10.99