50.01   Definitions
   50.02   Requirement to use solid waste collection service; noncompliance
   50.03   Trash accumulations prohibited
   50.04   Open burning prohibited
   50.05   Burning, burying or dumping garbage
   50.06   Solid collection service; residential
   50.07   Refuse collection service; commercial
   50.08   Waivers for generators
   50.09   Requirements for commercial edible food generators
   50.10   Requirements for food recovery organizations and services and regional agencies
   50.11   Requirements for haulers and facility operators
   50.12   Self-hauler requirements
   50.13   Anti-scavenging
   50.14   City may designate location of disposal; franchised collector to furnish containers
   50.15   Rates to be charged
   50.16   Deposits
   50.17   Method of collection of rates by city
   50.18   Owners’ liability for payment of services to multiple dwellings
   50.19   Inspections and investigations by city
   50.20   Enforcement