(A)   Inspection fee. An inspection fee of $30 for Building Inspection services shall be paid to the city.
   (B)   Connection fees. Connection fees for sewer service for properties not in the city on October 14, 1963 shall be paid to the city as follows:
      (1)   Single-family residence (when connection is made to existing lateral): $4,420;
      (2)   Single-family residence (when connection is made to house connection stub behind the curb or at the property line in the alley): $400;
      (3)   Duplex or triplex (each unit): $400;
      (4)   Multiple housing (apartments, condominiums, mobile homes or in manufactured housing in parks or special projects, each unit): $400;
      (5)   Commercial establishments (domestic sewage only, each unit): $1,000;
      (6)   Commercial establishments discharging dishwater, including, but not limited to, laundromats, carwashes or discharges from garbage grinders. First 1,000 square feet of floor area: $1,200 each, and 100 square feet, or fraction, additional floor area: S100 each;
      (7)   Industrial establishments (domestic sewage only) each unit: $1,000; and
      (8)   Industrial establishments (discharges from industrial use); to be negotiated.
   (C)   Front footage assessment.
      (1)   A front footage charge of $7 per lineal foot shall be paid to the city at the time application is made for sewer service connection to an existing sewer lateral for which no previous front footage assessment or fee has been paid for the particular lot or parcel. Subdivision lots shall be exempt from the front footage charge when service laterals have been installed, by the sub-divider, to serve properties within the development.
      (2)   Front footage assessments will be made and paid to the city based upon the property frontage along the street or alley where the connection is made.
   (D)   Extension of sewer lateral. Whenever the installation of a new sewer line is required to serve an applicant for sewer service, the applicant's obligation or cost for sewer service will be the established front footage assessment, inspection and connection fees, and monthly service charge. The applicant shall advance to the city 100% of the cost of extending sewer service to his or her property and the cost of the line across the full width of applicant's property. The city will reimburse to the applicant the difference between the applicant's obligation or costs and the total cost of the sewer lateral extension over a ten-year period in equal annual installments, with no interest, commencing one-year following the city's acceptance of the completed project, provided however, that in the event it appears for any reason unfeasible to extend a sewer lateral under the terms of this section, the city may refuse to extend the sewer lateral or it may agree to extend the sewer lateral under a separate agreement containing terms, conditions and provisions for payment which are mutually agreed upon by the city and the property owner or owners requesting the extension.
   (E)   Charges for connection to sewer lines financed by state or federal funds.
      (1)   In the event state or federal funds are used in construction of a sewer line, the front footage assessment and connection fees will be reduced 50%, for single-family residential applicants who hook on to the sewer line within a 12-month period following the completion of the project. Following the 12-month period, single-family residential applicants for sewer service involving connections to state or federal funded sewer lines will be assessed the regular front footage and connection fees.
      (2)   All applicants other than single-family residential applicants shall not receive a reduced connection and front footage assessment rate.
   (F)   Monthly sewer service charges. The following monthly sewer service charges are hereby established for properties served by the city.
      (1)   Base monthly rates for residential, commercial and all other users shall be as follows:
October 1, 2015
July 1, 2016
July 1, 2017
July 1, 2018
July 1, 2019
Base Monthly Rate
      (2)   In addition to the base monthly rates, all non-residential users will be charged a variable rate, based on cubic foot usage over 1,000 cubic feet. The rate shall be assessed as follows:
Commercial Classification
Variable Rate
Group 1: Schools without cafeterias, offices
Group 2: Commercial, hospitals, extended care facilities, markets without delis, automobile servicers, laundromats
Group 3: Schools with cafeterias, restaurants, short order facilities, markets with delis
Group 4: Restaurants with full kitchens
      (3)   Multiple accounts on one meter. Where more than one residence or business is served by a common meter, a composite sewer rate shall be determined, based on the number and type of residences and businesses served by the meter. The composite rate shall be computed as a weighted average of the respective sewer rates for the individual residences and businesses based on categories and rates established previously in this section. The composite rate shall be determined on a case-by-casc basis by the city, using estimated flows for the individual businesses and the respective sewer rates established for specific categories.
         (a)   The weighted average is computed by estimating the amount of flow by their individual rate (assuming they were on individual meters), and summing the total cost and flow for the multiple account meters.
         (b)   Composite rates will vary from multiple accounts to multiple accounts, depending on the mix of user types for the shared meter.
      (4)   All sewer service charges shall be billed on a bimonthly basis. The bimonthly rates shall double the monthly rates during the time the bimonthly billings are in effect.
      (5)   All sewer service charges shall be due and payable on the first day of the month following the two-month period for which the billing is rendered. Sewer charges will be considered delinquent on the last day of that month.
      (6)   Any sewer charges, which are not paid on or before the delinquent date, shall have a service charge of 10% of the billing assessed at the time of payment.
   (G)   Septic tank destruction permit. Any property owner seeking to abandon his or her septic tank must first obtain a septic tank destruction permit from the City of Riverbank Public Works Department. The fee for the permit shall be $75.
   (H)   Annual fees for the food service establishment discharge permit.
      (1)   Permit fees will be calculated based on the following tasks:
FOG Permit review and approval
1.5 hours
Annual compliance visit
1.0 hours
1.0 hours
Total annual permit fee
3.5 hours
      (2)   At the time the permit is issued, the final fee as determined by the then current staff rate as determined by inflation will be paid annually for the management, administration and inspection of the grease removal device for the food service establishment discharge permit.
      (3)   This fee shall be updated as necessary using the consumer price (CIP) index to cover the cost of inflation for implementing the fats oils and grease reduction program.
      (4)   Re-inspection fees necessary as a result of a violation of the permit shall be in the amount set forth in division (A) above.
   (I)   Other fees associated with the installation of a grease interceptor as required by the food service establishment discharge permit.
      (1)   Additional fees to cover the cost of engineering and inspection of a new grease interceptor shall be calculated as follows:
Business license review
0.5 hours
Plan review
1.5 hours
Construction inspection
1.0 hours
Total annual permit fee:
3.0 hours
      (2)   At the time the permit is issued, the final fee as determined by the then current staff rate as determined by inflation must be paid prior to the issuance of a building permit.
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