§ 155.047 SURVEYS.
   All surveys conducted and graphically represented under the terms of this chapter shall comply with the minimum standards contained herein.
   (A)   Positional tolerance. The relative precision of the survey shall meet or exceed the following: the true horizontal distance between any two points whose positions are stated relative to each other, whether directly or indirectly by calculations, shall not differ from the reported distance by more than one part in 5,000, plus 0.20 feet.
   (B)   Point of beginning. The point of beginning shall be called out in the description and on the drawing.
   (C)   Source of bearing system. The source of the bearing system shall be stated (i.e., assumed, magnetic, astronomic) in the description by the bearing on the face of the plat.
   (D)   Area of tract. The calculated area of the tract in square feet or acres shall be included in the description.
   (E)   Ties. All surveys of un-platted ground shall show ties to at least two section corners. Surveys of platted ground shall be tied to previously platted and monumented points.
   (F)   Conformance. All surveys shall conform to the requirements of all state and local laws and shall also include the requirements set forth in § 155.004 of this chapter (Figure 1, Step 1 (B), (2), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), (10), (14), (15), (16), (19), (22), (23), (24), (25), (26), (27), (28), (29), (30), (31) and (32)).
   (G)   Acreage. Acreage for each section shall be on the plat.
(Ord. passed 6-5-1991; Ord. 15, passed 11-7-2005)