§ 155.004 PROCEDURE.
   A subdivider desiring approval of a plat of a subdivision of any land lying within the jurisdiction of the Commission shall submit a written application therefore to the Plan Commission staff. Such application shall be accompanied by the information, requirements and plans set forth in Figure 1, all in accordance with the requirements set forth in this code.
   (A)   Subdivision must be fit. The application shall show the manner in which the plat of the subdivision is coordinated with the Comprehensive Plan and it provisions, specifically, with relation to the requirements of the Thoroughfare Plan, school and recreational sites, shopping centers, community facilities, sanitation, water supply and drainage and other developments existing and proposed in the vicinity.
   (B)   Fee required. The application shall be accompanied by a personal check, cash, certified check or money order made payable to the Ripley County Area Planning, in the amount of an amount according to the type of subdivision indicated:
      (1)   Subdivisions            $125 plus $25 per lot
      (2)   High density subdivisions      $500 plus $25 per lot
      (3)   Unit development district plan   $300 plus $5 per acre, plus $100 per phase
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