No person shall own, keep or harbor any dog or cat known by him, or which in the exercise of reasonable diligence he should know, to be vicious, dangerous or in the habit of biting or attacking persons, or to be suffering with rabies.  Vicious or dangerous animals or animals suffering with rabies are hereby declared to be public nuisances and a menace to the public safety and may be summarily destroyed if found running at large.
   If a dog, cat or other animal is suspected to have rabies or to have been bitten by an animal suspected of having rabies, such animal shall be confined by a leash or chain on the owner's premises and shall be placed under the observation of a veterinarian or Health Officer at the expense of the owner for a period of two weeks.  The owner shall notify the Humane Officer or an agent of the City of the fact, and the Humane Officer or an agent of the City, at his discretion, is hereby empowered to have such animal removed from the owner's premises to a veterinary hospital there placed under observation for a period of two weeks at the expense of the owner.
   No person knowing or suspecting an animal of having rabies shall allow it to be taken off his premises without the written permission of the Health Officer and the Humane Officer.  Every owner or other person, upon ascertaining an animal is rabid shall immediately notify the Humane Officer or a police officer, who shall either remove the animal to the pound, or summarily destroy it.
(1960 Code 10-117)