Any person desiring a grading permit shall submit the following information for the entire site upon which any grading, stripping or cutting is to be done:
   (a)   A plat or boundary line survey of the entire site on which the grading, stripping or cutting is to be done.
   (b)   Description of the features, existing and proposed, surrounding the site of importance to the proposed development.
   (c)   The location and description of existing and future man-made features of importance to the proposed development.
   (d)   The plans and specifications for a grading permit shall contain needed and necessary soil erosion and sedimentation control techniques using one or more of the appropriate soil erosion control measures in accordance with the standards and specifications of the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, if the proposed grading, stripping or cutting will result in soil erosion and/or siltation of adjoining property in the area.
   (e)   A timing schedule indicating the anticipated starting and completion date of the development sequence and the time of exposure of each area prior to completion of effective erosion and sediment control measures.
   All applications for grading permits shall be made in writing upon a form provided by the City and shall be made under oath and signed by the owner of the site, or for the owner by the contractor proposing to do the work, or another authorized person.
(1960 Code 7-1001.3)