The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this article:
   (a)   "Cut" or "excavation" means a portion of land surface or area from which earth has been removed or will be removed by excavation; the depth below original ground surface to excavated surface.
   (b)   "Sediment basin" means a barrier or dam built across a drain or waterway or at another suitable location to retain rock, sand, gravel, silt or other material.
   (c)   "Diversion" means a channel with or without a supporting ridge on the lower side constructed across or at the bottom of a slope.
   (d)   "Erosion" means the wearing away of the land surface by action of wind, water or gravity.
   (e)   "Existing grade" means the vertical location of the ground surface prior to cutting or filling.
   (f)   "Fill" means a man-made deposit of soil, rock or other material.
   (g)   "Finished grade" means the final grade or elevation of the ground surface conforming to the proposed design.
   (h)   "Mulching" means the application of plant or other suitable materials on the soil surface to conserve moisture, hold soil in place, and aid in establishing plant cover.
   (i)   "Permittee" means any person to whom a permit is issued in accordance with the provisions of this article.
   (j)   "Person" means a firm, partnership, association, bodies politic or any other group acting as a unit, as well as an individual.
   (k)   "Sediment" means solid material, both mineral and organic, that is in suspension, is being transported or has been moved from its site of origin, by air, water or gravity as a product of erosion.
   (l)   "Sediment pool" means the reservoir space allotted to the accumulation of submerged sediment during the life of the structure.
   (m)   "Slope" means the degree of deviation of a surface from the horizontal plane, usually expressed in percent or degree.
   (n)   "Soil" means all unconsolidated mineral and organic material of whatever origin that overlies bedrock which can be readily excavated.
   (o)   "Site" means any plot or parcel of land or combination of contiguous lots or parcels of land where grading is performed or permitted.
   (p)   "Stripping" means any activity which removes or significantly disturbs the vegetative surface cover, including clearing and grubbing operations.
   (q)   "Temporary cover" means straw, hay, mulch or annual seedings used for critical areas to minimize soil erosion for no more than one season.
   (r)   "Permanent cover" means perennial seedings and plants used as a permanent cover for critical areas to minimize soil erosion.
      (1960 Code 7-1001.1)