The Health Officer is hereby given the authority to order, in writing, the owner, tenant or occupant of any ground subject to being covered with stagnant water, or on which offensive or unwholesome substances are permitted to remain or accumulate, to have such ground filled up, raised or drained or to have such substances removed therefrom.
   The Health Officer shall report any person failing to comply with an order issued under the provisions of this section to Council.  Council has the authority to cause such ground to be filled up, raised or drained or such substances removed therefrom.  Before such work is begun, the owner, tenant or occupant or his agent shall be given reasonable notice of the intended action of Council and opportunity to show cause why such action should not be taken, and to that end reasonable notice shall be given to the owner, tenant or occupant of the time of the hearing thereon.  The expense of doing such work shall be assessed by Council against the owner, tenant or occupant of the property and shall be paid within thirty days after the completion of the work.  Such cost, with interest at the rate of six percent (6%) after thirty days, may be collected by a suit at law in the name of the City before any court or justice of the peace having jurisdiction therein.  In addition, the sum thus assessed shall be a lien on the property upon which the work is done, and against which such assessment shall be made, which lien may be enforced by a suit in equity in the name of the City in any court having jurisdiction therein.  However, in the case of nonresident owners who have no known agents in the City, such notices may be given by publication of one week in any newspaper of general circulation published in the City.
   Immediately upon the completion of such work as provided for by this section, Council shall direct the Mayor to cause to be published a notice which shall name and describe the location of the lot upon which such work has been done, and give the name of the owner thereof.  If the name of the owner is unknown, the lot shall be described with reasonable certainty in order that it may be identified.  The notice shall state the amount assessed against the lot for the cost of the work and shall cite the owner thereof to appear before Council within thirty days of the first publication of the notice to show cause, if any, why such assessment should not be final.  The notice shall be published once a week for two successive weeks in one or more newspapers of general circulation in the City.  Thereupon, proceedings shall be the same as are provided in the case of assessments for paving and sewers.