§ 157.041  INDUSTRIAL, GENERAL (M-1).
   (A)   Purpose and intent. The purpose of the Industrial District is to provide areas in which use of land and buildings is for manufacturing and assembly plants including processing, storage, warehousing, wholesaling, and distribution. It is the intent that uses be conducted so that noise, odor, dust, and glare of each operation is confined within an enclosed building. Where, due to the special requirements of an industry, operations must be conducted outside of an enclosed building or storage of goods and materials is necessary outside of an enclosed building, adequate measures must be taken to protect adjoining properties and the general welfare of the county. The Industrial District is designed to assist the county by attracting new employment opportunities by providing development sites for small, medium, and large industrial firms in locations conducive to business and industrial activities.
   (B)   Permitted uses. All freestanding industrially utilized lots of record at the time of adoption of this chapter shall be included in the Industrial District as conditionally zoned for the use occurring at that time. New areas may be zoned Industrial, conditionally for the use intended, as the need may arise. A change in use for any industrial site may be accomplished by means of conditional rezoning for the individual property.
   (C)   Special exception uses. Special exception uses include: wireless telecommunications facilities.
   (D)   Lot size standards. There are no minimum lot area requirements. However, no lot shall be conditionally zoned Industrial until it has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the plan-approving authority that the lot area is of sufficient size to ensure compliance with the requirements of this chapter.
   (E)   Setback regulations. Building setbacks at a minimum shall be as follows:
Building Area
Front yard
50 ft.
Rear yard
35 ft.
Side yard (each)
25 ft.
Side/rear yards adjacent to residential
100 ft. with submittal and implementation of a landscape plan that will adequately buffer the residential uses or potential residential uses from the industrial activities
Table Notes:
Yard requirements shall not be used for storage, parking, loading, or accessory uses.
   (F)   Height regulations. Structures shall not exceed a height of 45 feet unless specifically allowed as shown in the supplementary regulations found in §§ 157.090 through 157.110.
   (G)   Signs. Signs as permitted in §§ 157.090 through 157.110.
   (H)   Parking and loading. Adequate parking and loading accommodations must be provided for all industrial uses. The guidelines found in §§ 157.090 through 157.110 are referred to for parking and loading calculations.
   (I)   Special provisions for industrial uses. No land or building in this District shall be used or occupied in any manner creating dangerous, injurious, noxious, unsightly, or otherwise objectionable conditions which could adversely affect the surrounding areas or adjoining premises, except that any use permitted may be constructed and maintained if acceptable measures and safeguards are taken to reduce dangerous and objectionable conditions to acceptable limits.
(Ord. passed 11-9-1995; Ord. passed 11-8-2001)  Penalty, see § 157.999