(A)   Purpose and intent. The purpose of these design and performance standards is to ensure that new development is designed in accordance with the purpose and intent of the Comprehensive Plan and county ordinances. These standards are designed to encourage desirable development patterns and designs that are responsive to natural and cultural resources found in the county. It is also the intent of these standards to enable the county to provide adequate levels of public service and to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of individuals residing, working, shopping, traveling, and recreating within the county.
   (B)   Plan to address standards.
      (1)   To allow for creative and flexible design, these standards are structured so that the applicant is responsible for development of a plan addressing the elements of this subchapter. The applicant’s plan must demonstrate to the plan-approving authority, that the design for the particular development is sufficient to serve the intended use in a manner which does not create any dangerous, injurious, noxious, unsightly, or otherwise objectional conditions.
      (2)   County staff will provide recommendations and general industry design standards if requested by the applicant. Applicants are encouraged to arrange a pre-application conference as specified in § 157.061(B).
(Ord. passed 11-9-1995)